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Custom drawer manufacturer for cabinets and furniture

Are you looking for a manufacturer whose quality fills you with confidence?  It can be tough to find someone that can give you the quality you need at a price that makes the bottom line work.  This is especially the case with furniture and cabinets, where finding the balance between being built right and an affordable cost is tough.  Go too far high end and you price yourself out of the market.  Go too cheap and you will be forced to deal with unhappy customers and a poor reputation.

One great option for cabinet and furniture makers is to buy drawers custom built for you.  There are numerous benefits to going this route.  One of the biggest is that you can cut costs while improving the quality.  Sourcing your drawers from a custom builder will save costly time and labor in designing and building.  By specializing in drawers, we are able to give you what you need at a lower cost.

Another great benefit is that you will have more time and resources to put towards other aspects of design.  This means that instead of labor going into work that is mundane and repetitive, employees will be able to focus in other areas.

More options with custom drawers

While getting drawers built might appear to limit options, it actually can open new possibilities.  Using a company that specializes in drawers will provide options you never thought of using.  They can use their extensive training and expertise to help you integrate these options into your products.  In turn you will be able to provide a wider variety of choices for customers.  More options and lower costs will enable you to appeal to a broader range of customers while also providing extra revenue from the lower costs.  This means money that can be put into other areas such as developing new products, improving equipment, or marketing.

If you are thinking this might be an option make sure you find the right company to partner with.  There will be several key factors in deciding which is best for you.  Make sure to do your research first.  Many companies will make promises they either can’t or don’t care about keeping.

Drawers by Design can help you with all your drawer needs. We provide drawers designed to enrich each of your products.  With nearly 20 years of experience, we understand what each shop is looking for.  We can help you become the industry standard.

Part of our success derives from focusing on hand-crafting techniques and quality materials. Using top quality wood and other materials ensures that our drawers will meet any standard.  Drawers that feature dovetail corners is another major plus.  These are special interlaced cuts that make each joint stronger and more stress resistant.  This is accomplished with minimal cost and can be a major selling point for customers.