Drawers by Design

So you ask why use us and not the other guy ..… after working in custom high end cabinet shops and owning one for about 20 years , we understand what you the shop owner are looking for and expecting. A quality on time product that looks and functions great at an affordable price to help you keep on or under budget. Your home owner really wants a product that looks great, something they can show to their friends, functions awesome and they won’t have issues with. We understand that when you order from us you are trusting us with your name, your reputation. Our goal is to enhance your cabinetry with our quality, we won’t let you down. We appreciate you allowing us to be part of you work.

  • We are purchasing the highest quality lumber to ensure the best end product
  • Our pre-finished drawers are truly pre-finished. we even sand and finish the ends before assembly this ensures a better quality finished product
  • Drawers are assembled by hand- we know this takes a bit longer but we know this ensures better joints
  • While we are squaring our drawer we staple the bottoms in place, this ensures the drawer will stay square and not move over time.
  • We are mass producing drawers but we understand that each drawer is important
  • Each drawer is hand crafted, though we are using machines to do a large amount of the work each drawer runs through human hands several times and is quality checked before it ends up at your shop
  • Garbage can rollouts
  • File drawer notches – these are routed in place, this means they won’t slide out -they are locked in and can only be removed by someone lifting them out—we can even provide the file bar-
  • Scoop front for rollouts
  • Wide selection of wood species available , while the most popular are Soft Maple, and Alder , we also can make them from Red Oak, Rift Oak, Mahogany and Cherry or anything available at our local wholesale distributers
  • ½” 9-ply and 5/8” 11-ply Baltic Birch
  • We offer notch and hole for under mount slides of most hardware types
  • We can ship drawers ready to assemble or fully assembled
  • We can install clips in the drawers so all you have to do is set the drawer in place
  • We have a custom back ground, if you don’t see it offered but you need something special done please let us know- we can do it!